Group photo of NSLS e-board

National Society for Leadership and Success

Getting involved at Montclair can be even more rewarding than you might think! One of the many benefits of being a leader at Montclair is having the opportunity to apply for a nomination with The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). With that, students become open to many more opportunities for scholarships as well as other state and national leadership positions.

What is the National Society for Leadership and Success?

The NSLS is an organization that helps college students achieve their loftiest leadership aspirations. The society hosts speaker events with real-life leaders from around the world, and so much more!

The NSLS’ main goal is to help people realize their potential for success, even if they don’t always see it at first. Through the society, students will be able to expand their horizons, challenge themselves and reach for the stars.

Since 2012, Montclair State University has proudly seen over 1,600 members inducted into the National Society for Leadership Success!

I Want To Be A Member!

Students in the society are required to complete the following before being inducted:

  • Attend three Broadcast Speaker Events
  • Complete three SNT’s (focus groups for goal support)

Invitations are sent out in late August and the end of January.

For more information or to register, visit the NSLS Website or email us at