CQOR Faculty

Center for Quantitative Obesity Research

The Center for Quantitative Obesity Research (CQOR) at Montclair State University serves as a platform for faculty members and students with diverse scientific backgrounds to come together and address interrelated problems focused on health and biomedical sciences. Our faculty and students from various academic departments/colleges across the campus are interested in catalyzing new ideas and scientific approaches to address health-related issues that cut across disciplinary boundaries in practice. The Center also provides various training opportunities for students who aim to pursue their graduate studies or other health-related professional careers.

Mission Statement

The Center for Quantitative Obesity Research (CQOR) is committed to promoting collaboration and transdisciplinary research opportunities for faculty members as well as students in order to advance health and biomedical sciences and education. Guided by its unique team of faculty mentors, the Center provides various clinical training to students across disciplines and prepares them for future professional endeavors in medicine and health-related fields.

The CQOR is located in The Center for Computing and Information Science room 435N.

Health Calculators

Our team focuses on tracking as many precise measurements of body shape, size, and health while minimizing the burden on the weight loss participant. A central focus of our tracking devices involves building software delivering mathematical model predictions of body shape, size, and health during prescribed lifestyle interventions so individuals can:

  1. Set health-related goals
  2. benchmark their progress against personalized day by day predictions.

Many of our calculators are freely available which we list here:

For the latest news in maintaining healthy body weight