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Weekends at Montclair (WAM)

WAM is dedicated to providing students at Montclair State University fun and exciting activities to do on weekends during the academic year. We regularly host movie nights, game nights, and trips off campus. The programs we host are largely influenced by students, so we’re always open to hearing new ideas and suggestions! Our goal is to keep students engaged and excited to be at Montclair!

Every Thursday, Montclair students will receive an email that details all of the events taking place that weekend on campus, as well as any trips off campus. Typically, there are over 30 programs happening over the span of any given weekend. Students have a range of options when it comes to how they’d like to spend their Friday, Saturday and Sunday on campus. Whether they want to catch a movie in University Hall, roast marshmallows in the quad, or play laser tag, there’s something for everyone!

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Hang around! You’ll find something you like.

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