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Dr. AJ Kelton

Dr. AJ Kelton is involved in academic and emerging technology, digital humanities, social media, games, and virtual worlds for education and has presented on these topics both in the U.S. and internationally.He holds a B.A. in English (America Literature) and a M.A. in English, Writing Studies from Montclair State and is ABD in the Educational Communication and Technology program at New York University. AJ’s research is focused group formation and composition as a learning methodology.



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“I’m a Criminal Justice major with a minor in African American Studies. Once I graduate from MSU, I would like to join the police force. I joined the CHSS team as a sophomore with little computer skills. Now as I approach my senior year, I’m a leader on multiple projects including being the team leader on the communications team. I have also become efficient in multiple computer software programs. When I’m not at work I like to enjoy quality time with my friends and family.


Starting off my college journey at Montclair as undeclared, it took me awhile to figure out what I had a passion for and what I would potentially want to do for the rest of my life. I joined the CDH team my freshman year and being exposed to many different softwares, I was then able to figure out many things about myself and my skills. This place has allowed me to gain confidence in a workspace that I wouldn’t be allowed to otherwise because I was given space to learn and grow in a positive environment. I’ve now decided I want a career in Business and a concentration in Marketing.”


“Hi, my name is Melkamu Habacho and I’m a senior here at Montclair State University. My major is Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science and Business Administration. My plans after graduation is getting into software development. I joined the Center for the Digital Humanities (CDH) in my freshman year as a Technical team member. Working on the Tech team here at CDH taught me lots of software tools while working on many different projects. Currently, I am a co-lead for the Programming team.”


Hey! My name is Johnathan. I am a Junior at Montclair State University and I’m majoring in Business Management. After graduation, I plan to work in a Human Resource setting and hopefully become a Human Resource Director. It’s my second year working for CDH and I hope to continue my time here until I fulfill my 120 credits to graduate. When I’m not working, I volunteer for Montclair State University and I’m in the Players Club.”


I’m a Sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Medical Humanities with a minor in Cognitive Science.  After graduation, I plan on going to graduate school for my M.S. in Occupational Therapy. It’s my second year working here at the CDH, and this semester I’m excited to be the co-lead for the Administrative Support team! This job has been the highlight of my time at MSU, working here has taught me so much about technology I normally wouldn’t be exposed to and helped me meet so many great people.  It helped give me the confidence to get involved all around campus as an SA in Sinatra Hall, as a peer mentor for the CHSS, and as Secretary of the club, Arts for the Ages. I’m looking forward to another wonderful year here!”


Howdy! My name is Britnie Moodie and I am currently a Sophomore here at Montclair State. My major is Computer Science and I am minoring in Economics. I was just hired recently as a Product Specialist for Apple at Willowbrook Mall, a position from which I hope I can work up to a Technical Specialist just like I am here at the lab. I hope to go into software engineering when I enter the work field with a focus in mobile computing or website design. When I’m not working, I’m refining my drawing skills as I am an absolute animation geek (anime, cartoons, movies, 3D, indie, games, etc.) and watching animated or horror shows/ movies.”


Hi! I’m Jenny, an Animation major who also intends to minor in Linguistics. Once I graduate, I want to be an animator, and my current goal is to work for a company after leaving MSU. I don’t want my future to be only limited to that though; I want to make my own stories and positively impact others with my art (so I might not stay at the same job for too long), and I want to take any chances I can get, similar to how I never imagined myself working here and now I am and really enjoy it. Right now, I’m studying Chinese and Japanese (I know more Chinese than Japanese), and I want to get good at them; good enough to translate things and better understand. I want to explore the world. There are so many things I want to do and learn, and CDH is helping me do it. I’m on the tech team and I’m on the media team and want to improve in those, I’m learning things everytime I go through the training module, and so on. I’ve been at the CDH since my freshman year (I’m a sophomore now), and I hope to keep improving and having fun. One fun fact about me is I really love manga and anime (specifically cute, feel-good anime, one example being Kin-iro Mosaic), so if you ever want to recommend anything to me or talk about it with me, I’m always down. I hope we have a wonderful year!”


 “Hello, my name’s Masuid Young, but I go by JR here. I’m an undeclared Sophomore, and I started working at CDH last year. The CDH has definitely taught me skills and applications I could not only use for work, but for other hobbies as well. When I’m not working here (or on schoolwork), I play Super Smash Bros for fun or competition.”


Hey everyone, my name is Jennifer Zarate, but you can call me Jenn. I am a Senior at MSU majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. I am also an EOF scholar and I have been working with the CDH team since Freshman year. This job gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on multiple software I would have never imagined in learning. I look forward to using the set of skills I have learned and gained towards my future career. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures, being open to new things, and photography. I am tremendously grateful with what I have accomplished during my academic years and I am looking forward to the future.”

Hey there! I’m a Senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. MSU is the third university I’ve been to — Caldwell University being the first and Fordham University being the second. I came to MSU because my second university was too expensive for me to afford, but I wish I had came to MSU in the first place. Although I’m a Business major, my passion and career goal is to be a video editor and to work in television production. My ultimate dream is to work in the production company for the WWE because I grew up loving the show and I still tune into every show every week. I am also interested in making content that makes people question the norm and their morals and ethics. Television shows like Breaking Bad or Black Mirror are types of shows that I love because they are great modern case studies of the human mind and makes you question what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s in between. So come have a discussion with me!”

Hey everyone! My name is Uchechi or you can call me Chechi which is way easier to remember. I am a Sophomore in college and my major is Biochemistry, and yes, it’s hard. But I want to take my Biochemistry major and become a pediatrician. That’s a lot of years in school but time flies by quickly. I joined the CDH team my freshman year and at first I started on the Admin team and as a trainee  for the technical team. I wanted to see which team was right for me. But after a month, I liked the Technical team better and now I am grading the training modules and checking for any mistake happening, while also making it a smoother transition for other trainees. Also, I am a co-lead of the Tech team which is a big accomplishment for me and big step up from last year. An interesting fact about me is that I am left handed. A fun fact is that I really love enjoying my life with the people that love me.”

I’m a Sophomore majoring in Psychology aspiring to find an interconnection between human and computer interaction. I plan on including a Computer Science minor and perhaps potentially include it as a double major. When I joined the CDH last year, my aim was to continue expanding on my skill set, having already arrived with IT skills from a 3-year Cisco course back in high school. This year, as a full member of the CDH team, I co-lead the Programming team and am researching to create a new and improved databaseS that will meet the needs of the team. Fun fact, during my spare time, I like to indulge myself with documentaries that pique my interest and conspiracy theory videos on Youtube.”

My name is Jasmine. I am currently majoring in Justice Studies (with a concentration in Justice Systems) and Psychology here at Montclair State. After graduation, I plan on working in the forensic field, and working on becoming a forensic psychologist. I am currently in my second year of school, with this being my second year at the Center for the  Digital Humanities as an Admin as well. Working on the Administrative team at CDH has helped me in various ways, such as learning how to multitask while having to work on various projects and organization. Also being an Admin has helped me venture out more into technology and learning more on different software, such as using the training modules on Canvas and working alongside others who are all gifted when it comes to working with technology. With my free time, I participate in various clubs and activities around campus, listen to a ton of music, and work on my hair and makeup skills. Fun fact- I play the violin!”

“Hi everybody, my name is Gregory Matos and I’m currently a Senior, majoring in Television and Digital Media at MSU. After graduation, I’m going to continue to work in New York City as a freelance videographer and content strategist while I work on getting certified in technical and software fields that will qualify me for working with top tier media clients. I’ve been working at the Center for Digital Humanities for three semesters now and currently co-lead the center’s Media team. The CDH has provided many great opportunities to explore new software and offer my newly-developed-expertise to professionals that need it. And as an ambitious, technically-minded person, I’ve never felt more belonging than I have at the center. Outside of the CDH, I really enjoy playing video games, building original tools and computers, filmmaking and workshopping.”

Hello, my name is Esther and I’m a third year Business Administration student with a concentration in Marketing with plans to double major in Entrepreneurship. I’m also an artist by hobby. My goal after college is to work within creative companies as a part of their marketing team and also build my own business. I’ve worked at the CDH since my sophomore year of college and I’m currently a part of the Communications team with a focus in marketing and content writing. CDH has taught me the importance of hard work, teamwork, time management and overall efficiency in the workplace. These are skills I will carry on into every business endeavor I embark on.”

I am a Senior majoring in Humanities. I plan on either getting my Master’s in guidance counseling or social work. Working here as exposed me to software I probably would never have worked on on my own. I look forward to using my skills in the future when I graduate. Right now, I am working on improving the training module to guarantee that trainees will be well-equipped to work here. A fun fact about me is that I play the alto saxophone.”

Hi, my name is James Rush and I am a Sophomore at Montclair currently majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics and possibly Computer Science. After my undergraduate work, I plan on pursuing a PhD in Economics with a focus on how automation and AI will affect the global economy. I aspire to one day be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve or at least work as an economist at the FED. In my free time, I play on Montclair’s official Esports team for League of Legends and read a lot of economic news and data. I am usually a pretty quiet person but if you ever need help or want to talk about the state of our collapsing economy, I will gladly reply!”

Hey y’all! I am a Sophomore here at MSU looking to obtain my Bachelor’s in Biology and planning on furthering my education at Rutgers University where I will get my Doctorate in Pharmacy and potentially in Medicine. I began training here at the Center last year as a freshman looking for a way to expand my horizons and further develop my skills, whether they be through Communications and working in a team environment to gaining more technical skills. I love working here because there is so much I do not know and so many opportunities now as a full team member to further develop and I am really looking forward to it! As a full team member, I am a part of the Communications team and most recently was put on the training module team as a co-lead!”

Hi! My name is Chantal. I am a transfer/junior from Union County College and my major is Business Marketing. I don’t really have a goal at the moment. I really love makeup so hopefully I can market for a makeup company, but I also kind of want to go to cosmetology school.This is my first year working at CDH and I hope to continue until I graduate. A fun fact about me is I love . It’s my favorite show and I am going to be really sad when it ends. But I am very happy to be apart of the team!”

Other Full Team Members:

Solange Jimenez

Training Team

“Hi, my name is Gabriela Castro. I am currently a Senior here at MSU. I am a Fashion Studies major and I am also working on a minor in Merchandising. This is my first year working here at CDH. I am definitely not the most tech-savvy person out there. However, I do enjoy learning new skills that will benefit me in the future. As a Fashion major, there is a big component that requires technical skills. As I am equally interested in the design and business side of fashion, I know working here at CDH will only help me improve my skills. I hope to learn a lot this year and challenge myself.”

Hi! My name is Alexis and I’m currently a Sophomore soon-to-be Junior! I’m majoring in Computer Science and am thinking about minoring in Creative Writing with a focus of Fiction. This is my first job working on campus and I think it’s a perfect way to improve my computer skills. Being here at MSU has been a great experience that I’ve loved the whole way, and as of late, I am trying to join the Normal Review on campus because of my love of writing, and I can’t wait to see where that takes me.”

Hey! My name is Jomayra, but you can also call me Joma. I’m a Senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Pre-Law Studies. The goal is to go to law school and become a criminal attorney or an immigration attorney, still undecided on which one I want to specialize as. I’m currently interning at the Assemblywoman’s Brittnee N. Timberlake’s office in East Orange. And at the end of this year, I will be working on getting my certification to become a court interpreter. Something on campus that I’m involved in is LASO, the Latin American Student Organization. This is my first year working here at CDH and sadly it will be my last for obvious reasons, but I’m looking forward to working with everyone!”

“Hello! My name is Quashierra Muhammad and I am a third year/junior pursuing B.F.A in Dance Performance and B.A. in Entrepreneurship. I plan to attend Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary to receive my M.A. in Dance Performance while simultaneously dancing with the Rambert 2 Dance Company. I then plan to attend Sarah Lawrence on scholarship to receive my M.F.A in Choreography. While studying to receive my Master’s degree, I aspire to be in Virginia B. Toulmin Fellowship for Women Leaders in Dance Fellow, Pina Bausch Fellow, and a Guggenheim Fellow. I also would like to be a Princess Grace recipient and a resident choreographer for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, guest choreographer for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Netherlands Dans Theater. I hope to be,  prior to my MFA, traveling on national and international tours of Broadway shows, be on the executive board for NJ Arts Ed, and danced a season or several with many major established dance companies. I enjoy working at the center because its teaching me skills I will need to be more experienced in my field. Technology is advancing in the arts and this FWS is allowing me to be more equipped and efficient in other areas that I may need to get to where I want to be. A fun fact: I am a Yellowbrick Scholar and will be studying to receive my certificate in Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design.”

I’m a Sophomore majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Asian studies and Computer Science. My goal is to finish college and work as an IT specialist for different companies and travel to Africa. Fun fact about me is that I used to be the Liberty League champion for my high school bowling team.”


Hi, everyone! I am a Senior here at MSU, majoring in Business Administration, Concentration in Sports, Events, and Tourism Marketing and minor Child Advocacy and Policy. This is my first semester working here at CDH. I do have a little experience with technology, but I hope to learn a lot more and gain my knowledge where I can utilize it for my education and work experience. This is not the only job I have on-campus, I also work at the Ben Samuel’s Children Center. Fun fact, I love the show How to Get Away with Murder. It’s sad this is the last season, but I am currently not watching it because I love to watch it all in one shot.”

“Hello everyone! My name is Anthony and I am currently a Junior here at MSU. I’m a Visual Communications major, and I plan on opening a business in the future. I also started making para for my fellow Greeks and it’s going pretty well. I just started working at CDH this Fall 19 semester, and can’t wait to see what I can get out of this job. I love going to the gym, watching movies and going out to have fun. I’m also an active member in my fraternity (La Unidad Latina Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity INC) and I’m also in the Executive board for LASO (Latin American Student Organization).”

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