Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study Positions

Thank you for your interest in the Center for the Digital Humanities (CDH) Student Team.  The mission of the CDH is to promote digital humanities research and scholarship and provide support and advanced technological capabilities to facilitate this work.

If you have:

  • Federal Work Study funding that is not already committed to another campus job (in whole or part)
  • work well individually as well as part of a team
  • believe you can provide exceptional customer service and support
  • willing to learn new applications, hardware, programming language, etc…

this is the job you want to apply for!

The CDH is looking to fill two different types of positions:

  • Administrative support – assist with the day-to-day operations of the CDH, which includes the Digital Humnaities Resource Center, Center events, and activities of the Emerging Learning Design group
  • Technical support – work with faculty, or on faculty projects, utilizing digital and/or media skills orwill proactively develop skills in needed areas

If you have a background OR INTEREST in technology, especially but not exclusively digital media, you should submit this application.Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be considered based on their current administrative or technical expertise; however, this is not the only aspect for consideration. Learning new technical skills is a critical part of this position.

Those we are interested in interviewing will be contacted via email to their MSU email address (so be sure you check that!).  Those who make it through the interview are hired provisionally and subject to successfully completing a training program, which can only be completed during your scheduled work shifts, approximately 5 hours per week.

ALL those hired go through a two-module training on how the Center for the Digital Humanities operates and what you need to know to work here (timekeeping, shifts, etc…)  Those interested in the TECHNICAL TEAM go through a much longer and more in-depth training, which is designed to take 25-30 work shifts (or about one semester).  Pre-tests and skill level will allow some to finish early.  All those hired, even in training, will be paid hourly.

Upon successfully passing the training modules candidates will be assigned to a sub-team (media, tech support, communications, etc..) and can begin working with the full team right away.

If this sounds interesting to you, fill out the Center for the Digital Humanities Student Team application below.

Student Team Application

We’ll be getting back in touch with successful candidates soon.