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Current CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups

CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups are designed to promote a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that encourage the advancement of interdisciplinary methodologies, pedagogies, research, and collaboration. The Dean’s Office is supporting these faculty groups as part of the CHSS Initiatives program, an effort to support a stronger research environment, increased opportunities to enhance student success, and a deeper sense of community and collaboration in the College and between the College and the larger community.

The results below are collaborative efforts of roughly 80 faculty and staff members and involve CHSS, CEHS, CSAM, CART, SBUS and various others units from all over the university. The projects vary dramatically – workshops, retreats, speakers’ series, educational and programmatic innovation, task forces — a real burst of creative and highly interdisciplinary ventures.

Please check back in December to see our 2022-2023 CHSS Interdisciplinary Group Initiative Results!

Check out the 2021-2022 CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups for last year’s results and executive summary.