Meet with an Advisor

Academic advisors support and partner with students so that you can make informed decisions, develop goals to succeed academically, and plan for the future. The decisions you make regarding course selection for each semester should be made collaboratively with your department academic advisor to ensure you are completing the correct requirements.

Meeting with an advisor can also help you clarify your goals, choose courses, track your progress, and make decisions supportive of graduating on time.

The relationship between advisor and advisee is one of shared responsibility. While you as a student are ultimately responsible for the completion of your degree, we encourage you seek guidance from your advisor and to check in each semester.

Locate Your Faculty Advisor
Log onto WESS; select “Student Records”; then “Advisor.” If no advisor is listed, contact your major department listed below or contact advising in the Dean’s Office at 973-655-6975.

Still need help?
You can schedule a 1-1 appointment with the CHSS student advisor located in Dickson Hall who can help direct your steps, provide advice to work with your faculty advisor, and help you solve a problem.

Ms. Courtney Cunningham – Advising and Student Engagement Coordinator, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
E-mail –