Archaeology Day at LSC

CHAS spends the day at the Liberty Science Center

 On Saturday Nov. 4th, the Center for Heritage and Archaeological studies collaborated with the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to celebrate the thrill of discovery with young learners. Guests of the museum in Jersey City participated in an interactive pop-up exhibit developed by the Villa of the Antonines archaeological excavation crew. 

Sand tables were filled with artifacts from an "ancient civilization", in particular with things you might find around a kitchen. Once young learners brushed the sand away from these artifacts, they quickly took to their notebooks, making lists and drawing pictures. 

The crew also brought back the popular drones activity, which was debuted at Day of Drones 2017, where guests are encouraged to hypothesise about the site based on pictures taken from a drone. 

As a part of the display, the crew brought in some pictures of students working on site. The takeaway for guests of the liberty science center: Archaeologists are scientists, you can be an archaeologist too!