New Discoveries at the "Villa of the Antonines" in Genzano di Roma, Italy

Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 7:00 P.M., Cohen Lounge, Dickson Hall, Montclair State University*

Since 2010 Montclair State University has been excavating and studying the site of a complex of buildings believed to be an imperial villa of Rome's  second century CE Antonine dynasty, including an amphitheater where the emperor Commodus may have gotten his start in arena sports.  This talk looks at recent developments in the Montclair State project, including newly-found mosaics, possible residential quarters, and archaeometric analyses of building materials.

*Parking available in Red Hawk Deck. Exit to Dickson from Level Five.

Further information: 973-655-3479 or 973-655-7420,

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