The "Villa of the Antonines" investigation of a Roman imperial villa

2012 Helicopter View (Photo by Sandro Nicosanti and Pierluigi Tassi, 2012)
2012 Helicopter View (Photo by Sandro Nicosanti and Pierluigi Tassi, 2012)

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In Italy, CHAS has been conducting, since 2010, the "Villa degli Antonini" Project, aimed at exploring a Roman imperial villa complex located on the outskirts of Rome at the 18th mile of the ancient Via Appia, in the modern territory of Genzano di Roma. The villa is believed to have been the property of the second century CE imperial family of the Antonines on the basis of ancient literary references and the discovery there in the 18th century of high-quality marble busts (now in Rome’s Capitoline Museums) of these rulers. The project, directed by Dr. Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, seeks to determine in detail the history, extent, and architectural design of this group of structures in the context of Roman imperial villas in general.  The project’s archaeological investigations so far confirm the elite character of the complex as evidenced by varied wall frescoes, imported marbles for floor and wall decoration, and mosaics both colored and black-and-white.  Our current work at the site is focused on (1) learning more about remains of a structure which stands next to the bath complex of the villa and which we identified as an amphitheatre in 2012; (2) investigating a group of rooms, identified in 2014, with black-and-white mosaics that may have belonged to residential quarters; (3) locating, by combining fieldwork and remote sensing methods, other buildings that formed part of the villa complex.

Logo for "Villa of Antonines" We would like to thank AristaCare at Cedar Oaks - Health Services for its generous donation in support of the 2014 field season.

Special thanks for their long term support of our project go to our benefactors in Italy:

- Comune di Genzano di Roma

- Diakronica - Icononauta

- Lino Nicoletti (Circolo Ippico Quarto della Mandorla)

- Zega Legnami

- Lucio Luciani- owner of Fornarina Bakery

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