New York and New Jersey

Local projects on Long Island and in Northern New Jersey

Archaeology in Montclair

In northern New Jersey, at the request of the Montclair Historical Society we are beginning a project to evaluate through archival research and selected excavation a property which holds several historic structures belonging to the organization.

Photos relating to work on this project during March, 2013, can be found in the "Student Involvement" section of the site:

Archaeology in Montclair


ALTC Project in Setauket, Long Island: "A Long Time Coming" 

In Setauket, Long Island, we cosponsor the "A Long Time Coming" (ALTC) project. ALTC is an initiative of the Higher Ground Intercultural and Heritage Association, Inc., a nonprofit community-based preservation group.  The ALTC project is investigating the archaeology and history of Setauket's Native and African American community, especially in a recently designated historic district.

The aim of ALTC is to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Setauket's long-term resident minority indigenous community and to provide that community with a historical foundation and cultural presence that will help to resist encroaching suburban development and gentrification that threatens to displace them from the ancestral home.  

Learn more about the ALTC project:

Learn about the ALTC Summer Field School in 2013: