Featuring our Majors

Awije Bahrami

My name is Awije Bahrami and am in my sophomore year at Montclair State University. I am the Entertainment editor at the student-run newspaper The Montclarion and frequently write for my own section as well as for the Opinion section. As a double major in General Humanities and German, I never get bored with the classes that I take. Every semester, I explore new and intriguing subjects in history and literature during different time periods. The reason I chose the Humanities is because it doesn’t limit me to one subject; I learn a bit of everything. To enhance my learning experience, I am one of the participants going on the faculty-led trip to Athens, Greece, over Spring break. I can testify that learning about the humanities is never boring. Since I am unsure as to what I want to pursue after college, General Humanities is the best fit because with the writing, reading and critical thinking skills that I acquire, I can do almost anything after I graduate. Also, if you are up for a challenge, the department offers both rigorous courses as well as courses that require medium coursework. If you want to study without placing limits on the materials that you learn, General Humanities is the perfect major.

Gregory Brown

‌ My name is Gregory Brown a fifth year senior at the university. I live in Morristown, NJ located in the Morris County area. The Humanities major has been of high interest while attending the university, and I declared it as my major entering my sophomore year. The Humanities studies have very well equipped me with the tools needed in this society to reach my goals and have opened up different branches of educational learning in more than one field. I am currently working at a private school in my area, and have been there for about four years entering my fifth. The Humanities are used everyday on the job, and outside of it.


Jacqueline Busichio

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Busichio I am a senior at Montclair with studies in General Humanities, Entrepreneurship, and Dance. I am from Brick, NJ but reside in Montclair during the school year. You may wonder how I chose to study in these three areas? I became a general humanities major due to my interested in receiving knowledge about all the different areas of the studies. When I was a sophomore, I received an email from the Entrepreneurship center about their classes they were introducing to the school and immediately enrolled. Since I was 16 I have always wanted to open my own dance studio which is why I chose to minor in dance. 

Reflecting back on this past year, a lot has happened.

I am now part of a start up company called All Star Tailgates! While in the entrepreneurship course we were told by our professors to think of a problem and then to solve it. Which has lead us to our product, the Pregamer. The Pregamer is a cooler with a built-in portable and extendable 8ft long beer pong table. There are other great features incorporated such as a phone charger, led lights so you can see at night, a bottle open, solo cup holder, and Bluetooth speakers! The table has multiple functionalities that also converts into regulated corn hole or it can simply be used to eat on, play flip cup, etc.  

If you would like to know more you can visit allstartailgates.com and also click the links below!  



Zachary Fox



Hello, my name is Zack Fox.  I am a 5th year senior from Wyckoff, NJ. I am a MMA fighter and teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and kickboxing at American Eagle MMA in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ. I decided to change my major to General Humanities from exercise science last year because many of the classes I had taken already fit into the major and because it offered many history classes that I find interesting. I enjoy taking the humanities because it touches on a bit of everything.


Matthew McDuffie




My name is Matt McDuffie. I currently reside in Scotch Plains NJ. I enjoy a good game of basketball (watching or playing) and hanging with friends and teammates. When at home I love to lie back with a tray of snacks and watch some good tv series, ESPN, or a movie. I chose General Humanities as a major because of the numerous career paths I can choose. 

Caroline Smith


I'm Caroline Smith and I'm in my fourth year at Montclair, graduating in the Spring. I am majoring in Humanities and Fine Art (painting), with minors in Mythology and creative writing. Currently I'm the president of the MSU Mythology Society and involved with other various student organizations, including Players and the Montclair Art Society. I'm a makeup artist also, with special interest in film, theater, and avant-garde fashion. I worked on the Classics department's production of Antigone in spring 2014 and will be working on our upcoming show, the Bacchae, which is my favorite Greek tragedy. This past summer I spent five weeks in France (in Nice and Paris) studying Mediterranean civilization and art history. I'm interested in myriad things but my favorite would have to be Myth, and I plan to continue studying the classics after graduation.

Lauren Solski

My name is Lauren Solski and I am a Classics major with three minors in Archaeology, Anthropology and Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations. I have always been fascinated with history. I have had the opportunity to travel often to some amazing locations such as Rome, Barcelona, Morocco, Gibraltar, the South of France, and of course my personal favorite, Disney World. Traveling so much as a child/ teen/ young adult has really made me fall in love with discovering the past.

During my time here at MSU my biggest accomplishment has been starting my own college ice hockey team called The North Jersey Phoenix for women attending a wide range of schools in the area. The team has been accepted into the DVCHC (Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference) and we are recognized as a fully-fledged university team. Last season (2013-14) we came in second place to the University of Pennsylvania. This season we plan to win it all!

Amanda Tachon

My name is Amanda Tachon and I am currently in my 5th year at MSU.  This is my last semester and I will be graduating in the winter.  I live in Pompton Plains, NJ, which is located in Morris County.  I have been working for a clothing company called BCBGeneration for the past two years.  I really enjoy fashion and wish to do something with it in the near future.

I became a General Humanities major the beginning of my senior year.  I was fulfilling requirements to get into the business program and graduate with a "retail merchandising and management" degree.  After taking a few classes, I realized this was not the best fit.  The classes I took filled a lot of the General Humanities requirements, so here I am.

Nicolas Zarro

My name is Nic Zarro and I'm a Classics major with a double minor in Archaeology and Ancient Mediterranean Civilization.  Just this past summer I took part in a study abroad program at the Villa of the Antonines in Genzano di Roma, Italy, that is sponsored by the department, the Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies, and the Global Education Center.  It is a month-long program where students from Montclair, as well as other schools around America, participate in an Archaeological field school/excavation of an ancient Roman imperial villa.  I'm currently using campus resources, especially the Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory, to conduct archaeometric analyses on several artifacts from the excavation. Participating in the field school is one of the best experiences I have had in my three years at Montclair State and it is a privilege to be studying along the side of such great professors that are in the Classics Department.  I do plan on returning to Italy this summer for a second year, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me and the research that I am conducting.