English Major Requirements

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The English Department offers instruction in interpreting and creating informative and imaginative texts, in the description and historical understanding of the English and American languages, and in the cultural understanding of world literatures written in English.

The English Major requires a minimum of 37 credits or twelve courses at the 200-level and above, including two required courses: ENWR 220: Writing in the Major and ENGL 300: The Pursuits of English; and at least one pre-1700 course, one pre-1800 course, two pre-1900 courses, and one post-1900 course. Courses in the major should cover at least three different genres: poetry, film, drama, and/or fiction. Courses in the major must cover international issues, ethnic studies, women and gender studies, and class issues. (See program guides, below, for specific requirement details.)

For creative writing, journalism, film, or professional and public writing minors, only two minor courses may be counted towards the major. A minimum of 120 semester hours of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA. However, more than 120 semester hours may be required depending upon the major field of study. In addition to the major requirement outlined below, all university students must fulfill the set of General Education requirements applicable to their degree.

The English Department has identified four learning goals for an undergraduate education in English. English majors should be able to

• read and interpret texts with attention to formal and theoretical issues;

• understand the social, historical, and political contexts in which literature and other cultural texts are written and read;

• possess an awareness of American, British, and other literary histories through the study of both canonical and non-canonical texts, in national and transnational frameworks; and

• define their own intellectual interests, conduct research independently, and produce clear, coherent analytical essays.

Programs of Study 

Requirements vary depending on when you declared as an English major, and whether you are pursuing certification in teacher education. Current students enrolled in programs from earlier than 2011 should seek advice from their academic major advisor.

I. English BA Fall 2011 and forward (For students who entered Montclair State University as of Fall 2011 and declared the English major Fall 2011 and later)

ENGL BA in English.pdf


 II. English Teacher Certification programs from Fall 2015 and forward

EGBM English Major (BA) Dual Certification Program in Elementary (K-6) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities.pdf

ENBM English Major (Combined B.A./M.A.T. with Teacher Cert in English Preschool - Grade 12) & Teacher of Students w/ Disabilities.pdf

ENED English Major (BA) with Teacher Certification Secondary.pdf

ENEL English (BA) with Elementary Education (K-6).pdf


III. Recommended Four-Year Plans from Summer 2017 forward

Recommended Four-Year Plan: BA English (ENGL)