Computer Purchases

If you are making a purchase of a computer, printer, or other technology that is beyond the common equipment that the University routinely provides, then you should consult first with Milos Topic, Director of CHSS Technology Services (Dickson Hall 337, x7762, or via e-mail).

Consultation with Mr. Topic is critical because:
      a) He has the expertise to advise you on your purchase selection, especially as it will or will not coordinate with other University systems and equipment and with his team’s capacity to service your machines’ future needs.
      b) He has the expertise to help guide you on pricing and vendors available to the University. He may in some situations be able to help process the order.
      c) He will be able to advise you on the need to purchase a maintenance agreement for your equipment.  CHSS Technlogy Services is always available as a “first consult” on problems with your independently purchased equipment, but you should know that they often are not trained or simply equipped to work on machines that are not provided through the University as part of our standard issues.  Independent machines (even when purchased with University monies, such as start-up funding or grants) will typically need a maintenance agreement unless you plan for your funding source also to cover future repair costs.
      d) In all cases, it’s simply best to consult with Mr. Topic in advance.  

CHSS rev 9/21/10