Faculty College Committee Contacts

Mentoring Committee:
Elected Seat: Dorothy Rogers (Religion)
Elected Seat: Negin Nabavi (History)
Elected Seat: Deborah Fish Ragin (Psychology)

Excellence in Teaching:
Elected Seat: Rabia Redouane (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Elected Seat: Brian Smith (Political Science and Law)

College Distinguished Teacher Committee:
Elected Seat: Marta Lopez Luaces (Spanish and Italian)
Elected Seat: Rabia Redoune (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Elected Seat: David Galef (English)
Elected Seat: Jessica Restaino
Elected Seat: Jessica Henry

Research Committee:
Anthropology - Elaine Gerber
CHAD - Jason Dickinson
Classics and General Humanities - Glen Gill
Communication Sciences and Disorders - Ilse Wambacq
English - Adam Rzepka
History - Julie Landweber
Justice Studies - Reginia Judge
Linguistics - Jonathan Howell
Modern Languages and Literatures - Wing Ho
Philosophy - Tiger Roholt
Religion - Lise Vail
Political Science and Law - Tony Spanakos
Psychology - Sally Grapin
Sociology - Christopher Donoghue

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:
African American Studies - Lewis, Sandra
Anthropology - Matthews, Chris (fall), Rothstein, Fran (spring)
Child Advocacy - Dickinson, Jason
Classics and General Humanities - Aryamontri, Deborah
Communication Sciences and Disorders - Prezant, Fran
English - Knight, Melinda
GSWS - Farnum, Julie (**CHSS Rep)
History - Clark, Shannan
Justice Studies - LaGuardia, Francesca
Latin American / Latino Studies - Rosa, William
Linguistics - Sotillo, Susana
Modern Languages and Literatures - Loysen, Kathleen (**CHSS Rep)
Philosophy - Herrera, Chris
Political Science and Law - Drake, Ian
Psychology - Ragin, Deborah Fish
Religion - Ibrahim, Yasir
Sociology - Hadis, Benjamin
Spanish and Italian - Trubiano, Marisa
Dean’s Office (ex officio) - Isaacs, Emily

Graduate Curriculum Committee:
CHAD - Jason Dickinson
Classics and General Humanities - Mary English
Communication Sciences and Disorders - Sarita Eisenberg  (**CHSS Rep)
English - Jeff Miller
History - Jeff Strickland
Justice Studies - Arnaud Kurze
Linguistics - Longxing Wei
MLL - Daniel Mengara
Political Science and Law - Daniel Herman
Psychology - Peter Vietze
Sociology - Christopher Donoghue
Spanish and Ital - Roger Zapata



CHSS Representatives to University Committees

Sabbatical Committee:
Elected Seat: Tony Spanakos (Political Science and Law)
Elected Alternate: Jeff Strickland (History)

Distinguished Teacher Commitee:
Elected Seat: Rabia Redouane (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Alternate: Elizabeth Emery (Modern Languages & Literatures)

General Education Requirement Committee:
Elected Seat: Julia Landweber (History)
Elected Seat: Chris Matthews (Anthropology)
Alternate Seat: Sangeeta Parashar (Sociology)

Graduate Council:
Elected Seat: Raul Galoppe (Spanish and Italian)
Elected Alternate: Svetlana Shpiegel (Child Advocacy)

Student Research Symposium Committee
Elected Seat: Rabia Redouane (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Elected Seat: Maisa Taha (Anthropology)
Elected Seat: Sangeeta Parashar (Sociology)

Career Development Committee:
Elected Seat: Jean Alvares (Classics and Geneal Humanities)
Elected Alternate: Naomi Liebler (English)

Honorary Degree Recipient Committee:
Elected Seat: Emily Cheng (English)

Employee Safety Subcommittee:
Pascale LaFountain (Modern Languages & Literatures)

Academic Technology Committee:
Adam Rzepka (English)