General Purchases

Helpful Hints to Faculty on Making Purchases - General

1. Most importantly, process all purchases through the University whenever you can, rather than making any personally. Begin this process by asking your department chair or administrative assistant to make the purchase. The department will most likely be paying for your purchase needs to be involved with it. If the department passes your request on to the Dean’s office, it will be handled by Joanne Caruso.

2. If you are making a specific purchase that originates with the Dean’s office, such as with start-up funding, see Joanne Caruso. She’s in Dickson Hall 401 and can be contacted at She’ll discuss with you what you plan to purchase and how best to go about setting up the ordering. Some things will be done through a purchase order, others via a purchase card.

Please remember:

a) Ms. Caruso is not your purchasing agent. Her role is to help guide you on what you need to do to set up the order and then to complete the payment portion of your order. You’ll need to do the work of identifying specific vendors and item details.
 b) Plan for the time that it will take to complete the purchase and receive delivery. We (and the departments) have financial limits on how much we can order at any given time, so we may need to wait for the billing cycle to reset before being able to make your order.  You’re one among others. So do anticipate it taking more time than you’d like, and then you can be pleasantly surprised if it goes through quicker.

3. If ever you do need to make a purchase directly with either cash or your personal credit card, please keep in mind the following:
      a) You must have an itemized receipt detailing the store name and location, date of purchase, and items purchases.
      b) If the itemized receipt is not explicitly marked “paid”, you must have a separate receipt that documents that the purchase was in fact completed and the bill paid (your credit card slip, for example – just be sure to black out your credit card information).
      c) If you order something online (or even for delivery from a physical store), you should use the University address as the delivery address rather than your home address.
      d) You should get a tax exemption certificate from the link below. Contact your department or Ms. Caruso in the Dean’s office in order to provide to the vendor at time of purchase. If you are charged tax, know that the state simply will not reimburse that portion of your bill. (Download certificate)

4. See the other link for computer or other technology purchases.

5. See Ms. Caruso for any specific questions you have. Always ask rather than assume before making a purchase!

CHSS rev 8/22/13