Reserving Cohen Lounge

Cohen Lounge was designed for use within CHSS and is available to CHSS units only.

In order to reserve Cohen Lounge, please contact Holly Den Bleyker in the Dean’s Office at ext. 4228 or via e-mail.

Please note the following guidelines on our acceptance of reservations:

Guidelines on accepting reservations for Cohen

Our renovations of and technological upgrade for Cohen Lounge is causing us to receive many more requests for its use than in the past.  In order to help us control our reservations, please adhere to these guidelines.  As always with everything our office does, if ever you have a question about a particular situation, please just ask. 

1) No classes – Cohen is to be used for special events, and we want to keep the schedule as open as possible so that these events can be planned.  So, please do not ask to schedule any classes in it as their regular meeting place. Individual, occasional class sessions are fine as special events.  (The Registrar’s Office is also aware of this practice.)

2) No recurring meetings – Also, please do not schedule any meetings in it that take place on a monthly basis or more frequently.

3) Needed information – When accepting a reservation, please provide the following information:

a) Name of group using Cohen
b) Name of person making reservation, and contact informationc), and name of contact person for follow-up (if not the same as the one making the reservation)
c) Type of use:  special lecture, training session, meeting, reception, etc.
d) Any tech needs (so that we can notify CHSS Technology Services to open the cabinet and provide training needed)
e) Approximate number of individuals

*Please note that Cohen Lounge is locked 24 hours a day.  Prior to your scheduled event you should plan to visit Holly Den Bleyker in the Dean’s Office (DI-401) in order to obtain a swipe card for entry to Cohen. (If you have arranged catering for your event, please be sure to plan your schedule so to allow catering into the room in advance and afterwards.)

You should also schedule a visit with CHSS Technology Services before your event on how to use the a/v equipment in Cohen.

CHSS rev 10/25/12