Course Substitution or Waiver

Guidelines for Montclair State University's Acceptance of Transfer Courses for Substitution of College Writing I and College Writing II

If you have taken a course in New Jersey, check with If appropriately listed, the course you have taken will be linked to any Montclair State University course for which you are eligible to receive credit.  If you did not receive credit for 105 or 106 at time of transfer, and your course is approved by NJTransfer, you can see Phyllis Brooks in Schmitt Hall 312.  She will be able to sign off on your paper work.

However, if the course you have taken does not show up on the NJTransfer web site, and you believe it is nonetheless eligible, please do the following.

First, review Montclair State University's course descriptions so you can be clear as to whether or not the course you have taken is similar to one of our courses.  If you think your course is eligible, complete the Course Transfer Form (FYW Transfer Credits Form‌) and drop it off, with appropriate attachments, to Schmitt Hall 312.

Note: Waivers for courses that have not been officially accepted by Montclair State University cannot be processed. Make sure your credits have transferred before you see Ms. Brooks.

For questions about the waiver process please contact Prof. Bonnie Dowd, Assistant Director of the First-Year Writing Program.

Berkeley and DeVry Students:
Please note that Berkeley and DeVry are not currently under articulation agreements with Montclair State University because the scope, intentions and admissions policies of these institutions are considerably different from ours.  The courses at these schools, even when it is the case that the course descriptions are similar, may not provide the required and necessary level of instruction and criteria for evaluation.

Therefore, the blanket recommendation to students transferring from these institutions is to take 105 and 106.

However, if students believe they are unusually strong, they can make an appeal by presenting the following to the Assistant Director of the First-Year Writing Program.             

  1. Copies of two or three papers written for the Berkeley/DeVry's courses
  2. Copies of papers written for other courses at Montclair State University
  3. A copy of the syllabus from the course(s)

Note that students may also be asked to complete brief essays on the spot.