Academic Advising

During your time at Montclair State University, you will have to make lots of important desicisons, like which courses to take and what subject to major or minor in. Sometimes, even just building a manageable schedule can be overwhelming.

Your faculty advisor is here to help.

Montclair State assigns an advisor to every student. Although you are not required to meet with him or her, it is strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor prior to every semester to stay on track.

All undeclared undergraduates are assigned to a First Year Counselor, who can help you choose a major.

Once you have chosen a major, you'll be assigned an advisor from the faculty of your major's department in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS), the College of Education & Human Services (CEHS), the College of Science & Mathematics (CSAM), the College of the Arts (CART), or the School of Business (SBUS).

Double majors will have an advisor assigned from one of their relevant departments.

Undeclared upper-class and adult students are assigned advisors in the Center for Academic Advising and Adult Learning (CAAAL).

Students admitted into the Academic Services for Athletes, Educational Opportunity Prograsm, Health Careers or Honors programs will be advised by a member of the program's staff.

Graduate students are assigned to a Graduate Program Coordinator from their chosen program, who can help with everything from course selection to research opportunities and career goals.