About Us


The Mission of the Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University is to offer a rigorous course of study that examines the intersection of justice, law, policy and social change. The Department’s mission, thus, is twofold. First, it seeks to study the conception and practice of justice through sociological, philosophical, criminological, legal and political lenses. Second, it seeks to bridge the gap between the various social science and legal disciplines in order to gain new insights on a wide range of issues concerning social justice. For this reason, the Justice Studies major is uniquely interdisciplinary. Drawing on the expertise of its faculty from the fields of criminology, sociology, political theory, and law, the Justice Studies major seeks to explore justice in its broadest conception. Through the unifying core classes, students gain a mastery of justice theories from sociological, philosophical, criminological, legal and political lenses. Justice Studies students further focus their studies in three main concentrations: justice systems, international justice or paralegal studies. Each student actively experiences justice through internships in their field of the study.

The Department of Justice Studies also provides students with opportunities to explore various constructions of justice through its minors in Environmental Justice, Justice and Families, Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies. With a Justice Studies degree, students are prepared for a wide-range of careers in areas such as law, law enforcement, parole, probation, corrections, government, courts, environmental protection, family rights, human rights, public policy and victim advocacy. Other students pursue advanced degrees in law and graduate schools. Our mission is to teach students to think critically and become productive members of the community who recognize and respond to injustice in its many manifestations.

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