Justice Studies Club

Our Mission:

The Justice Studies Club is a place where all students can voice any opinions, concerns, ideas, or questions in a comfortable atmosphere. Our focus is to share views, increase awareness and affect positive change. One way we hope to achieve our goal is by organizing community service events that have a connection to the field of justice. Ultimately, we hope to raise a consciousness of the just and unjust, beyond our immediate environment.


New members are always welcome. Membership is open to all Justice Studies students. Please contact the Club's Executive Board or advisor for additional information on becoming a new member.


Summer 2016 - no meetings held during the summer.

Fall 2016 - Wednesdays, Bi-weekly 2:30-3:30pm.



President - Taylor Stanley, president.msujsc@gmail.com

Vice President - Cherese Jackson, vp.msujsc@gmail.com

Treasurer - Andrew Lener, treasurer.msujsc@gmail.com

Secretary - Brandy Herfort, secretary.msujsc@gmail.com

Community Service Chair - Brian McDonough, communityservice.msujsc@gmail.com

Club Advisor - Prof. Nicole A. Fackina, fackinan@mail.montclair.edu, 973-655-7759