Student Paralegal Association

Our Mission:

  • To exchange and provide information to paralegal students relevant to their field of study. This will include lectures and seminars.
  • To provide a liason between students, working paralegals and attorneys
  • To encourage and promote the recognition and use of paralegals, by attorneys and the public.
  • To serve as a contact between paralegal students and the Student Government Association.
  • To actively encourage enrollment in the Paralegal Studies Program at Montclair State University.
  • To publicize and stimulate interest in the Student Paralegal Association.


Membership is open to all Paralegal minors and can be obtained by filling out a SPA Membership Application and returning it to a member of the Executive Board or the advisor of the association, Dr. Reginia Judge.

  • Officers: President -
  • Vice President -
  • Secretary -
  • Treasurer -


Meetings are to be determined.

The Student Paralegal Association is a Class 3 Organization of the Montclair State University Student Government Association.