Post BA Second Certification in Teaching English as a Second Language

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Second Field Certification
in Teaching English as a Second Language

Program Objective

The objective of the TESL second field certification program is to provide teachers who already hold a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing or a Permanent Certificate to teach in the New Jersey Public Schools with the credentials to teach English as a Second Language in addition to their first field of certification. 

Applying to the TESL Second Field Certification Program

Students interested in applying to the Second Field Certification program in TESL should visit the Graduate School application website. In Part A, page 3 of the application, be sure to go to “MAT/INSTRUCTIONAL CERTIFICATION”. Under “Teaching Program”, check “ADDITIONAL TEACHING CERTIFICATION” and under “Teaching Subject Area”, check “Teacher of English as a Second Language.” 


Linguistics Course Requirements for TESL Certification

Second Field Certification in TESL requires six courses (18 credits) chosen from the courses listed below. Undergraduate courses begin with the LNGN code; graduate courses with the APLN code. New Jersey accepts any mix of graduate and undergraduate courses for 2nd field certification in TESL. (Five of the six courses at the APLN (graduate) level are accepted towards the MA in Applied Linguistics. If you are entertaining the possibility of going on for a master’s degree, we advise you to take these graduate level courses.) The LNGN and APLN courses rotate in such a way that it is possible to finish the certification in two semesters if three courses are taken each semester.

The Advising Worksheets page gives a work plan that allows you to plot your progress through the program. Click on the “Second Field Certification in TESL (NJ State Certified)” link. The course rotation is also given below.


LNGN 210

Introduction to General Linguistics (every semester)



APLN 500

Language and Linguistics (every semester)


LNGN 220

Structure of American English (every semester)



APLN 524

Advanced Structure of American English (spring)


LNGN 245

Language and Culture in Minority Education (spring)



APLN 532

Language and Culture (fall)



APLN 534

Languages in Contact (fall)



APLN 536

Languages of the USA (fall)


LNGN 325

Principles of Second Language Learning (spring)



APLN 520

Current Theories of Second Language Acquisition (fall)


LNGN 403

Methods and Materials of TESL (fall)



APLN 525

Methodology of Teaching ESL (spring)


LNGN 405

Field Experience in TESL (every semester)



APLN 529

TESL Practicum (every semester)


Other Requirements

Second field certification in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is only granted by the State of New Jersey, not Montclair State University or its Linguistics Department. Montclair State University does not recommend a student to the State of New Jersey for Second Field Certification if the graduating Grade Point Average of the student is below 3.0. For a student who achieves a GPA below 3.0, it is incumbent upon the student to provide their Montclair State transcript directly to the state to receive certification in the second field.

As of 1/7/08, the State of New Jersey requires that all candidates for TESL certification demonstrate spoken and written proficiency in English by taking the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the Written (WT) portion of the ACTFL Proficiency Test. Montclair requires that students achieve a level of 'Advanced Mid' on both.

For more information, please e-mail Dr. Mary Call at or call 973-655-4286.