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BA grad accepts job at Harvard

In July 2015, our recent BA graduate Elizabeth Chalmers began a 2-year position as lab manager and research assistant at Harvard University’s Laboratory for Development Studies.  The laboratory studies children’s language processing, language in autism and the semantics and pragmatics of language.  Elizabeth's responsibilities include recruiting and supervising undergraduate research assistants and interns, designing and analyzing experiments, and primary data analysis.  While at MSU Linguistics, Elizabeth conducted original research on the acoustics of prosody (intonation, rhythm, and stress) with Dr. Howell.  At Harvard, she will investigate the influence of prosody on syntactic processing in neurotypical and autistic populations, among other topics.


MA student presents at a conference and publishes a peer-reviewed article:

Emily Olshefski, an MA student, presented her research at the North American Association for Computational Linguistics Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection, Coreference, and Representation, on June 4. Here's the abstract of her article:

Game-Changing Event Definition and Detection in an eSports Corpus(Link)

Despite the growing cultural presence of eSports, no corpus contains this genre of entertainment. This paper presents how a preliminary corpus was created from broadcast speech from a professional game of the eSport Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The corpus was initially annotated following the Automatic Contact Extraction (ACE) event subtype definitions for game changing events: deaths, injuries, and attacks. Event subtype definitions were modified for further annotation to detect a wider range of game-changing events otherwise not defined by ACE. A high degree of inter-annotator agreement for most event subtypes suggests that modifying event subtype definitions for an eSports corpus is necessary to detect the breadth of game-changing events.


MA graduate gets a full-time job at Audible, Inc.

Lubou Shefarevich, our MA graduate, is a full-time researcher at Audible Inc. (Newark, NJ). She reviews and summarizes scientific literature for the Product Development team.


MA Graduate gets accepted to a Ph.D. program at Columbia University

 Vera Senina, our MA and CL Certificate graduate, is finishing her work at Google NY as a project manager and is starting the Ph.D. Program in Russian Literature.


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