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The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures organizes, in collaboration with the Global Education Center, a study abroad program with three universities in Graz, Austria.

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The Montclair-Graz Exchange Program is a student program between the city of Montclair/ Montclair State University and the city of Graz. The program includes a full scholarship funded by both Montclair's Overseas Neighbors and the City of Graz and provides free tuition, room and board. It currently offers two students the opportunity to study for one year in Graz. Students who have successfully completed the intermediate level courses are encouraged to apply.

Before your study abroad experience, learn more about Austria and visit the Austrian Cultural Forum.


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It is highly recommended that Majors and Minors spend some time studying in a German-speaking country. Students studying abroad will receive credit toward the major or minor upon evaluation of successfully completed courses.

To know more about the Montclair-Graz Exchange Program, contact Dr. Thomas Herold, Assistant Professor of German and Coordinator of the German Section, at (973) 655-7908.

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