Amici Club Activities 2015-16

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Spring 2016

Cafe Conversation, Feb 4
Sit with the Amici club and other students studying and/or interested in the Italian language. Meet the Spring 2016 e-board and chat about the exciting upcoming events planned for this semester.

Movie Night: Terra Ferma, Feb 25
Take part in the exploration of a less known tale of immigration in Italy. Fishermen are punished for saving illegal immigrants from the sea and, back on shore, letting them go. After young Filippo does not allow them on his boat, several die, causing him to change his mind about the matter.

Exploring Italian Culture Through Media, March 17
In this session, we will dive into historical and contemporary role of the Italian media in the U.S as well as Italy in Italian language or otherwise, in reporting about Italian news, culture, economy, This event will help prepare students for the upcoming Inserra Event entitled From Ethnic to Multi-Cultural Italian Media in the U.S. We will get a chance to look at some publications in both Italian and English such as La VOCE di New York and see how media is still an important piece to our changing society.

Movie Night: L'ultima ruota del carro, April 7
Join us as we traverse Italy through an average man's eyes for forty years for whom family, friends and football are more significant than any of the political and social changes that buffet Italy. Ranging from the sixties to the present day, Ernesto watches from behind the glass of his car, counting the hopes and disappointments, scandals and wrongdoings while never disowning his values, family, friends and honesty.

Fall 2015

Cafe conversation, Oct 1
Sit with the Amici club and other students studying and/or interested in the Italian language. And be able to meet the Fall 2015 e-board and chat about the exciting upcoming events planned for this semester.

Movie Night: Passione, Oct 15
Passione is a documentary that depicts the rich Neapolitan musical heritage, tracing the influences of European, African and Arabic cultures, while touching on the "Canzone Napoletana"(Neapolitan song) tradition. The film also explores the city's music history with archival footage and accounts of historic artists.

Unesco Amici Club Event, Oct 29
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites are places of importance to cultural or natural heritage as described in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention which was established in 1972. This night we're going to do "un giro per Italia" discovering and visiting familiar and unfamiliar UNESCO sights and see how they add to the beauty that is Italian culture.

Movie Night: Benvenuti al sud, Nov 5
An Italian comedy film directed by Luca Miniero that tells the story of how the manager of a postal service "Poste Italiane" in northern Italy, near Milan, is banished to Castellabate, a town near Naples in southern Italy, for two years. This movie makes us reflect on the stereotypes, often false, between northern and southern Italy. This film leads both the protagonist and the audience on an introspective journey to the rich culture that southern Italy has to offer.

Game night, Nov 19
Join the Amici Club as we play some exciting games to forget the stress of classwork. Through games, we're going engage in conversations and share our interest in learning italian culture. We'll be using games to develop our language proficiency and improve our critical thinking skills with the culture that never seizes to amaze us.

Festa Italiana, Dec 10
Come join the Amici Club and get a taste of the Italian culture one last time as we finish off the semester with a bang! Enjoy great food, great friends and great conversation while filling your stomachs and minds with rich Italian culture.