Feb. 20: Translating for Advertising at Hogarth Marketing Worldwide

A presentation by Dalia Lopez, Transcreation Assistant Account Executive and MSU Graduate Student in Spanish Translation

Spring 2017 Translation Lunch Series

Transcreation: Translating for Advertising at Hogarth,
Worldwide Marketing Agency

presentation by Dalia Lopez
Transcreation Assistant Account Executive at Hogarth Worldwide &
MSU Student in the Spanish Graduate Certificate Program in Translation and Interpreting

How do brands “speak” to their customers in markets around the world without losing their original message and intent? Ever heard of Transcreation? Transcreation combines two words: translation and recreation. The aim of transcreation is to adapt a message into another language and culture without losing the original intent.
Come and learn more about the transcreation world from the perspective of a worldwide marketing agency and the process that involves a lot more creativity than straight translation.

Monday, February 20, 12pm-1pm, Schmitt 119 (Translation Lab)

Presented by the Center for Translation and Interpreting
Questions? Contact Laurence Jay-Rayon (973-655-5525 or jayrayonibrl@montclair.edu)