Productive Spring Break for Spanish Faculty Member

During Spring Break, Dr. María José García Vizcaíno had a productive week in Spain. First she was on M80, a major radio station in Madrid, to talk about her research on advertising campaigns for soccer teams and their effect among fans. These campaigns aim at infusing enthusiasm among followers and fostering emotional identification with the team and its values. Because this is a recent occurrence in Spain, her research will produce new data in the sociolinguistic implications of this phenomenon. Then on March 8, she was part of a select group of members from FEDEPE (Spanish Federation of Women Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs) invited to the Moncloa Palace in commemoration of International Women's Day. There they were received by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Labor Secretary Fátima Báñez to discuss issues such as gender equality, domestic violence, education, and women's empowerment, among others.