Manali Pradhan Wins Comp. Linguistics Awards

Photos by CHSS Digital Communication Assistants

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Congratulations to Manali Pradhan, class of 2017, she and her collaborators won two awards at the Current Issues in Computational Linguistics (CICLing) conference in Budapest this spring.

Pradhan, along with Jing Peng, Anna Feldman and Bianca Wright, received Best Presentation award for: "Idioms: Humans or machines, it’s all about context." The team also received second place for the Best Paper award.

Pradhan is in the Applied Linguistics MA program and she has also worked towards a certificate in Computational Linguistics. As a graduate assistant, Pradhan also helps Montclair State faculty with their research.

She selected Montclair State because it's one of the only programs in the state that offers a computational linguistics certificate. Pradhan double majored in Linguistics and Spanish for her Bachelor's degree, so the applied linguistics program was a natural next step, she said.

"The experience I've gained while being a part of the Linguistics graduate program and working with the faculty, has been everything I've hoped for. The opportunities I've been able to take advantage of because of this program have also been amazing and I consider myself very lucky," she said.

This summer, Pradhan will be working again with ETS (Educational Testing Service) on TOEIC Speaking and Writing (Test of English for International Communication). There she work work on projects including writing items that test knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, as well as creating different scenarios and prompts that allow test-takers to demonstrate their speaking or writing skills.