¡Hablemos español!: Future Spanish Teachers visit Bradford Elementary

On April 28, 2017, Professor Anne Edstrom and a group of future Spanish teachers from Montclair State collaborated with Ms. Kathy Martínez, Spanish teacher at Bradford Elementary in Montclair, on a unit she developed entitled "Somos iguales/somos diferentes" (We are the same/we are different).  Her goal was to encourage the children to recognize what they have in common and appreciate the diversity within their own school all while putting their beginning Spanish skills into practice. 

MSU students (left to right) Liliana Ortiz, Eridania Cerda, Eriola Drishti, Efraín Monterroso, Ana Bojorque, and Livia De Souza spent the morning interviewing 4th and 5th graders exclusively in Spanish.  They were impressed by the communicative ability of many of the children, and the positive experience solidified their own desire to pursue careers as Spanish teachers.