Bliss Nwobu -- Two Years to Degree

Photo: Gina Eide

Congratulations to psychology major Bliss Nwobu who graduated May 25, 2017 after completing her bachelor's degree in rocket speed, just two years after graduating from high school and at the age of 19.

She arrived at Montclair State with an associate's degree already in hand from her accelerated coursework at Bard High School Early College in Newark.

"My Montclair State experience has been most meaningful to me in the way that this school helped me grow as a person," she said.

Ready for the "real world"
Beyond academics, Nwobu learned what she herself was capable of. As an A student in high school, Nwobu said she was surprised at the rigor of her early Montclair State classes. Living away from home and on campus in a dorm, Nwobu sought new strategies to boost her grades and also overcome any intimidation from being among the youngest in classes of juniors and seniors.

She redoubled her study efforts. She asked for help, always attended faculty office hours, and sought to consistently go above and beyond with her coursework. The investment paid off. By the time she graduated, she was a Dean's List member.

Faculty mentors
Individual faculty members also made an impact, including Carla Aidoo, Julio Olivo, Elspeth Martini, Tina Zottoli, and Deborah Fish Ragin. Nwobu said they listened, encouraged, inspired, and enlivened classroom lectures with interactive discussions and drawing on relatable, real-life examples in their teaching.

When asked what advice she would share with other students she urged: "have fun... but not too much and ALWAYS visit office hours and communicate one-on-one with your teachers."

An aspiring clinical psychologist, Nwobu is spending her summer working as she continues to build up her resume for graduate school applications.

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