Dr. Fiore's Interview at ICN Radio NY

On Saturday September 23 Dr. Fiore gave a live interview at ICN Radio NY.

During the interview with radio host Tony Pasquale, Dr. Fiore highlighted the quality and variety of the educational opportunities offered by the Italian Program at Montclair State University, and stressed the importance of hands on internships in the field of audiovisual translation (click here to learn more on the Live Opera Surtitling Summer Insterniships). She also mentioned how the Italian Program and the Inserra Chair have worked to include the study of the Made in Italy as a tool for the application of the Italian language into real world careers in nowadays economy (click here to learn more about Italian and Business projects).

As Dr. Fiore invited all the listeners to attend the Inserra event on Sept. 26, “Venice as a Metaphor of the World: Otherness, Immigration, and Religion in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and in Today's World” and talked about
the play’s various links to both Italian culture (Commedia dell'arte, the Venice Ghetto, language/dialect) and the contemporary debate about the exclusion and inclusion of "others" based on religious, ethnic and gender differences, she took the opportunity to thank the main Inserra donor, Mr. Lawrence R. Inserra Jr., and explain all that has been accomplished on campus so far thanks to his generous donations.

You can enjoy the full Sept. 23 radio show here: