New Minor in Global Security and Diplomacy

The Department of Political Science and Law is pleased to announce a new minor in Global Security and Diplomacy. This program is designed to provide students a chance to explore global politics with a particular focus on important challenges to peace and security now and in the future.

Why study Global Security and Diplomacy?

  • Career objectives: The minor will provide valuable preparation for work in the Foreign Service, homeland security, the military, the intelligence community, and other related careers in international affairs.
  • General Education: The introductory course to the minor satisfies the Global Cultural Perspectives requirement, and many of the elective options satisfy the Social Science Perspectives and/or World Cultures requirement.
  • Thinking strategically: This program of study will sharpen students’ abilities as critical thinkers and strategists.

Program Objectives

The minor in Global Security and Diplomacy aims at providing students a foundation for understanding:

  • The complex security relationships between states and non-governmental organizations in a competitive world
  • How the work of diplomacy, trade, and cultural understanding can mitigate the dangers of war and insecurity.

Learn more about the program on the department website.