MA Candidate, Ryan Schneider, Awarded Grant from American Psychology-Law Society

Photo: Gina Eide

Ryan Schneider, a student in the Psychology Department has been awarded a competitive $1,000 grant to support his master's thesis research. The grant is from the American Psychology - Law Society (APA div 41).  

His research addresses an unanswered question about the relative effects of plea discount and trial penalty on plea decisions of innocent defendants. Schneider will attempt to establish the point at which the discounts or penalties become so high that the plea rates of innocent and guilty participants begin to converge. He will also try to establish whether it is the discount itself or the size of the trial penalty that is most influential. Tina Zottoli, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, is his thesis advisor.

Schneider is studying clinical forensic psychology and is currently completing an internship in the Special Treatment Unit at Avenel Prison. He is slated to graduate in May 2018 and aims to pursue a PhD in forensic psychology as well.

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