Dr. Fiore's Article Published in Special Issue of Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (2018)

An article by Teresa Fiore entitled "From exclusion to expression in A Sud di Lampedusa and Come un uomo sulla terra: Visualizing detention centres along Italy-bound migrant routes" was published in January 2018 within the special issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (Volume 6), devoted to documentary film and migration in 20th Century Italy (guest editor: Gaoheng Zhang, University of British Columbia, Vancouver).

Fiore's article addresses the debated topics of reception, detention and routes in the contemporary Italy-bound migration flow, through the analysis of two fundamental works by documentary director Andrea Segre: A Sud di Lampedusa/South to Lampedusa and Come un uomo sulla terra/Like a Man on Earth.

On April 27, 2017 Andrea Segre was invited as a guest speaker as part of the of the Inserra Chair calendar of events at Montclair State University for the screening of his documentary Come il peso dell’acqua/Like the Weigh of Water (for more info on the event, click here).