Teaching Italian Symposium and Workshop

Instructional Materials Meeting I: Speaking

 This annual symposium intends to provide high school and college instructors with the tools necessary to create instructional materials.

Please click following link for Event Program: FINAL Teaching Italian (2)-1


Please click on the links below for the presenters' materials:

Dr. Janice Aski:

Mechanical drills structured input form form

Montclair Workshop

Classroom Applications of Second Language Acquisition Research

Dr. Gabriella Colussi Arthur:

Experiential Education_Part I_Modello operativo_Montclair U

Experiential Education_Part II_Applicazione_Montclair U

Dr. Elissa Tognozzi:


To read a short write up about the event go to page 18 of the Coccia Foundation's Newsletter Winter 2008-2009 edition.