Psychology Students Published

Mia Lankford, an MSU graduate, has co-authored an article, "Art on the Plate:   Effect of Balance and Color on Attractiveness of, Willingness to Try and Liking for Food," which has been accepted for publication in the international journal Food Quality & Preference.  Lankford is co-author with Dr. Debra Zellner, Professor of Psychology.  The study documents that balance and color influence the attractiveness of the food presentation but not how much people like the taste of food.  Paul Locher , Professor Emeritus, and Lisa Ambrose, the Psychology Department administrator, are fellow co-authors.

As previously announced earlier this term, four other Psychology students also co-authored an article with Professor Zellner.   "Increased Hedonic Differences Despite Increases in Hedonic Range," which has been accepted for publication in the journal Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, one of the top journals in the area of Perception, highlights three studies.   Former MSU undergraduates and now graduate students, Ke'Nesha Jones and Jennifer Morino, conducted the first two studies.  Current MSU undergraduates, Elizabeth Cogan and Emily Jennings, conducted the third.