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An Italian's Chinese Love Affair Through Art

A Conversation with Sculptor Dionisio Cimarelli

French Film Series Spring 2018

Need a Language Tutor?

Language Tutoring Services Offered by MLL and ASC

Soirée Cinéma/French Film Night: Samia

Soirée Cinéma/French Film Night: Il a déjà tes yeux

How many lives are you leading?

Screening of Italian movie "Perfetti sconosciuti" (Italy, 2016)

New Internship Opportunities

Business at Italian Trade Agency, NYC (SU18) + Choose New Jersey, Princeton (W19) and Surtitling Opera, Sferisterio Arena, Italy (SU18)

French Translation Students Translate Work for Haitian Creole Digital History Project

Translated and curated primary sources from an episode in the history of Saint-Domingue

New $2,000 Donation from the Columbian Foundation towards Italian Students at MSU

Dr. Fiore's Article Published in Special Issue of Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies (2018)