About the Department

Although the philosophy program at Montclair State has a history stretching back into the 1960s (within the Department of Philosophy and Religion), the Department of Philosophy is brand new, founded in 2015. The Department of Philosophy at Montclair State University offers both a major and a minor in philosophy. Our major provides students with a solid grounding in the core ideas of the discipline. We also stress the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving, and analytical thinking, while providing a learning experience that is innovative, eclectic, and representative of trends in liberal education. To achieve this, our department offers courses mostly in Analytical philosophy, complemented by a few courses in Continental philosophy. Because of the range of expertise, and interest, among the faculty, students can benefit from the most up-to-date developments not only in Western philosophy, but the humanities as well (e.g., literature, art, political theory).

We typically schedule our courses for majors in the afternoon and evening, so that we can accommodate commuter and non-traditional students. Class sizes are kept to the minimum, and our faculty-student ratio is favorable enough that we can provide mentoring relationships for students—both for those seeking only an undergraduate education and for those intent on pursuing graduate school or law school. In that respect, we think that it is important that students do not have to choose between a research or a teaching environment. Our mission integrates teaching and research interests in the courses that we offer, and our faculty try to lead by example when it comes to the overall study of philosophy itself.

Please see our Diversity page.