Jurisprudence Students Research Symposia

CHSS/CSAM Student Research Symposium

The Montclair State University CHSS/CSAM Student Research Symposium is a forum to showcase and award outstanding student scholarship and research by students in the College of Science and Mathematics and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences by providing an academic venue for students to share their research through poster display, oral presentation and manuscript publication with the academic community, their peers and the greater community. This is the third year for this annual event, focusing upon the results of original student research. Students from both colleges have the opportunity to showcase their research in poster format or in a fifteen-minute presentation, which includes the opportunity for questions and answers. Each year, all students in the year-long interdisciplinary Senior Research and Writing Seminar in Jurisprudence present their research on topics as diverse as the creationism/evolution controversy, ethical considerations in the creation of a paid organ donor bank system, the right to physician-assisted suicide, individual rights to bear arms under state law and non-traditional perspectives on law school education.