About Us

‌Founded in 1967, the Psychology Department proudly has over 1,000 undergraduate majors, making it one of the most popular majors at Montclair State. Our faculty is comprised of over 30 distinguished scholars, researchers, and lecturers who are committed to higher education and the discipline. We are located in Dickson Hall. Our main office is Dickson Hall 219. Our telephone number is 973-655-5201. Our fax number is 973-655-5121.

Major, Minors, & Graduate Programs

Our Psychology Major emphasizes critical thinking and analyzing research, preparing students for the challenges they will face in participating in an increasingly multicultural and complex world. The major is comprised of 38 credits, while the Minor in Psychology is 18 credits, and the Cognitive Science Minor is 20 credits. Find out more about our undergraduate programs.

We currently offer a PhD in Clinical Psychology and master's degrees in General PsychologyIndustrial & Organizational Psychology, and Clinical Psychology (with concentrations in Child/Adolescent Psychology and Forensic Psychology). We also offer a certification program in School Psychology.