Field Placements

Students are required to complete a minimum of six semesters of field placement: two semesters of practicum in the Psychological Services Clinic and four semesters of externship (typically two placements). The DCT, in conjunction with the Field Placement Coordinator and core program faculty, are responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and coordinating field placement experiences in general. Approved clinical supervisors provide specific and detailed evaluations of students' clinical work.

Practica and externships are conceptualized by the program as clinical experiences in which students can apply didactic and theoretical training from their coursework and strengthen competencies in evidence-based assessment, intervention, and consultation. Student fieldwork begins with more introductory-level practicum experience and progresses each year to more advanced externship experiences in which students perform clinical tasks with greater responsibility. This sequence is intended to prepare students for their pre-doctoral internship.

Additional information about field placements can be found in the Program Handbook (coming soon).