Financial Support

We make every effort to fund all students through their first four years of study, unless otherwise agreed to at the time of admission. Support is provided through doctoral fellowships, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, grants, and clinical or research contracts and fellowships.

Students in their first two years of study typically receive a doctoral fellowship. These fellowships are 10-month contracts that provide a stipend and tuition remission. Doctoral fellows are assigned to a faculty member (typically their faculty mentor) and expected to assist the faculty member with their research and teaching responsibilities. Assignments require 20 hours of work per week. Specific duties can vary depending on the particular assignment but may include coordinating the faculty member’s research program and team, grading exams and assignments, proctoring exams, and holding office hours.

In their third year of study, students have opportunities for funding by teaching two to three undergraduate courses across the academic year.

In their fourth year of study, students may be funded through a variety of sources. The program develops and maintains relationships with various centers and organizations within the MSU community, as well as hospitals and other external agencies, to provide assistantships and fellowships for our advanced students. These include placements in our own Psychological Services Clinic. Students interested in these funding opportunities for their fourth year are asked to notify the DCT early in the spring semester of their third year.