Hands-on Experience & Testimonials

All students in the Data Collection and Management program gain real hands-on experience with organizations seeking to use data to advance their goals and missions.

Since 2014, every cohort of students in the program has performed one or more consultations for organizations such as MSU's Peak Performances and Alumni Relations, PRS IN VIVO, SPHERE Technology Solutions, Cooking Thyme, Beauteque and Community Options.

We have also hosted many guest speakers from companies such as Tealium, PRS IN VIVO and Mathematica.

Students are trained to use popular software programs such as Qualtrics, Excel and SPSS and then put their new skills to work for our client partners. This allows them to add new work experiences and competencies to their resumes. Many of them also build new contacts in the fields of Market Research and Social Policy Research. Below are a few testimonials from graduating students.

Ailiceth Espinal, Certified in Data Collection and Management in 2015

The Data Collection and Management program is simply the best asset to any graduate student. I decided to partner my Master’s program with the certificate and it was the best decision I could have made. Every course in the program helped me during my graduate years, especially the Data Analysis course and Interviews and Focus Groups course.  Everything that I learned in the DCM program, from survey writing techniques to data analysis, later served as a tool when I started working on my thesis. I found myself much less intimidated by the research components of my Master’s program because of the techniques I learned with the DCM certificate. Outside of the classroom, I find myself better prepared for positions in the research field because of the hands-on experiences I had with actual organizations. 

Michelle Palmieri, Certified in Data Collection and Management in 2016

As a recent graduate of the Data Collection and Management Certification I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in a field involving data analytics. The techniques I learned in courses like Interviews & Focus Groups and Survey Writing adequately prepared me for my job in User Experience Research. Furthermore, my passion for Market Research was shaped in large part by the personalized attention offered by the professors. In my opinion, this certification is 100% worth the investment.
Ryan Cumings, Certified in Data Collection and Management in 2015
My time spent in the Data Collection & Management program at Montclair State was one of the more valuable experiences I had throughout college.  The skills I learned, specifically in the Survey Writing (SOCI 568) and Data Analysis (SOCI 556) class, were exactly what I needed to thrive in the field of market research, which I have been currently working in for over a year.  Being that writing relevant survey questions is a major part of the market research field, these skills definitely came in handy.

My job constantly requires me to contact existing as well as new, potential clients. Since we cater to whatever the needs of the client may be, having the hands on experience truly helped me learn how to professionally communicate with as well as gauge what the clients goals and objectives are when conducting research.  It is safe to say I would not feel so comfortable and confident at my job today had I not enrolled in the Dat Collection & Management certificate program at Montclair State!

Amanda Weitzel, Certified in Data Collection and Management in 2015

The Data Collection and Management Graduate Certificate at Montclair State University has made me more knowledgeable of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. After taking several courses in data analysis, I found myself better able to understand, as well as interpret quantitative data which plays a central role in my work.

I accepted a position as School Support Coordinator with a non-profit organization called the National School Climate Center.  Currently, I assist educators with the interpretation of survey data, in addition to building action plans based off of survey data in an effort to create, and ultimately sustain positive school climates. As I parse survey results, I draw insights from courses in survey writing and data analysis that I developed from the DCM Graduate Certificate Program.

Mike Birritteri, Certified in Data Collection and Management in 2016

Recently, I was hired by the Township of Clark Police Department as an Emergency Telecommunicator. I'm now a 9-1-1 Operator and Police and Fire Dispatcher. My plan is to follow a career in Law Enforcement and Emergency Management and Policy Making.  I know that this career, at the surface, may not seem relevant to the Data Collection and Management Program, but I have found the lessons learned in the survey class and focus groups class to be invaluable.  Every 9-1-1 call and emergency call I answer involves the use of survey methods learned in class to obtain the right information to send to the responding police, fire, and EMS units.  They are short and intense surveys, being that I have to get the appropriate units started within one and a half, but they are surveys nonetheless.  Thank you for putting together such a great program.