Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an "order" to the course work in the major or any prerequisites?
Yes! Lower-numbered courses (100-200 level) must be taken before higher-numbered courses (300-400 level) because lower- numbered courses teach you concepts and skills needed to understand information taught in higher-numbered courses.

All required Sociology courses have prerequisites:

SOCI-201 Foundations of Sociological Inquiry

SOCI-240 Statistics for Social Research

SOCI-301 Sociological Research Methods I

SOCI-313 Sociological Theory: Critical Analysis

SOCI-400 Senior Research Project

Freshman Composition (ENGL-105)

Foundations of Sociological Inquiry (SOCI-201)

Foundations of Sociological Inquiry (SOCI-201)

Foundations of Sociological Inquiry (SOCI-201)
or permission of instructor

Foundations of Sociological Inquiry (SOCI-201)

Statistics for Social Research

Research Methods

Sociological Theory: Critical Analysis (SOCI-313)
Senior Status

Is there a way to keep track of my progress through the Sociology major?

Yes! Once you declare Sociology as your major, you should receive a Blue 3-page Program Packet and a Pink (1983) or Green (2002) Worksheet that are intended to help you chart your progress through both GER/Gen Ed and major requirements.

Extra Program Packets and Worksheets can be found on the Information Board outside the department's main office (304 DI) or online (link to Worksheet/Deadlines page).

How do I get into a closed course?
You must talk to the instructor of the closed Sociology course and obtain his/her permission to add the course. Authorization Slips can be found ON the door of DI-304 or online (link to form).

NOTE: Unlike other departments, the Sociology chair won't sign you into a closed course. Once the Authorization Form has been signed by the instructor, the Sociology administrative assistant will enter you into the system. You can then register for course on WESS or go to the Registrar’s office to register if registration has ended.

How late can I add or drop a sociology course?
Adding: Courses can be added after the semester begins in the same manner as during registration. However, you must get the Sociology chair's signature on the Authorization Slip and take it in person to the Registrar.

Dropping: School policy on dropping courses is listed in the schedule of courses. (link to schedule)

How do I declare or change my major or minor?
Go to the Academic Advising Center, complete an "Undergraduate Change of Major/Minor Form," and get it signed by the Sociology chairperson.

Students are not permitted to add or change a major or minor once they have filed for graduation.

Is it possible to take a course at another institution while I am a Montclair Student?
Yes, but you must follow an approval process. Instructions for obtaining approval are listed on the "Request for Work at Another Institution" form which is available at the Registrar's Office. Sociology majors must obtain the chair's signature on this form.

Must I repeat a course in which I obtained a grade of "F"?
If the course is required for graduation, then it MUST be repeated.

Can I take any graduate level courses?
Graduate courses can be used to fill out your course schedules. If you are within 16 credits of graduating, have a GPA of at least 2.67, and have taken all the prerequisites (if any), you may apply for graduate courses. Check the section "Undergraduates in Graduate Courses" in the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

How do I find my faculty advisor?

You can login into WESS to check who your faculty advisor is. A current list of all majors and their respective advisors is also posted on the Information Board located outside the main office of the Sociology Department (304 DI).

Do I need my advisor's signature in order to register for courses?
While it is possible to complete the registration process without obtaining your advisor's signature, we strongly urge you to confer with your advisor about each semester's registration. This advice might spare you some heartache further down the road, especially when you are about to graduate. Click here for more information (link to Advisement).

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take in any one semester?
Full-time students cannot take more than 19 credits per semester without special permission (students can apply for overload permission at the Registrar's Office).

How do I know if I have everything I need to graduate?
In order to graduate, you must go to the Registrar's Office and file an "Application for Final Degree/Certification Audit."

For a May graduation, the form must be filed by October 1. For an August graduation, the form must be filed by March 1. For a January graduation, the form must be filed by June 1.

There is only one Graduation Ceremony held in May of each year.

Do I need a special form for. . .?

YES, you probably do!


1. Changing/Declaring Majors/Minors

2. Filing for Graduation

3. Getting into a closed course

4. Adding a course after registration

5. Taking courses outside Montclair

6. Taking a course overload

7. Taking a course pass/fail

8. Taking an Independent Study

9. Taking Graduate Courses

10. Withdrawing from a course

11. Withdrawing from University



Academic Advising

Registrar's Office or Online

Door of Office DI-304

Door of Office DI-304

Registrar's Office or Online

Registrar's Office or Online

Registrar's Office or Online

Instructor/Administrative Assistant

Graduate Studies Office

Registrar's Office

Registrar's and Advising Office

If you have a question that is not answered here, please check the Information Board outside the main office (Room 304) of the Sociology Department in Dickson Hall or e-mail us at