All sociology majors are automatically assigned a faculty advisor. Contact the department administrative assistant in case you haven’t been assigned one.

Faculty Advisor:
A faculty advisor is a full-time member of the Sociology Department who will answer any questions you may have about your major and guide you through the process of selecting and registering for courses. In addition, your advisor will help you to navigate all the academic requirements to graduate on time from Montclair State University and alert you about missing an academic requirement. She/he is an invaluable resource you should consult to get the best out of your academic experience.

Finding your Faculty Advisor:

Login into WESS to determine who your Faculty Advisor is or consult the "Advisor/Advisee List" posted near Room 306, Dickson Hall. All Sociology majors and his/her faculty advisor are listed there alphabetically.

Visiting your faculty advisor:
Check your faculty advisor’s office hours and visit him/her as soon as possible. If your schedule conflicts with your advisor’s office hours, call him/her for an appointment. Meeting your advisor regularly will keep you on track about your academic progress and requirements.

When you visit your advisor, it is important that you bring information about the courses you have taken so far. There are 2 ways that you can do this:

1. On WESS, you can find your "audit"—a record of the requirements you have fulfilled and those that still remain, both in the major and the GER.

2. You can also use the "Sociology Major Program Worksheet."

    • Every time you complete a course, write in ink the course name under the corresponding General Education Requirements category and indicate the semester when you have completed such course.
    • Sociology courses are pre-printed and you should just write in ink the semester when you complete each Sociology course.
    • Write in pencil the names of the courses in which you are currently enrolled.

If you are a transfer student:
Bring your transfer evaluation document when you come to see your advisor for the first time. On future visits, bring this document or your updated Sociology Major Program Worksheet.

Bringing those documents are important because although your advisor may be able to retrieve your Montclair State University transcript online, she/he may not be able to determine how the transferred credits have been allocated to satisfy various academic requirements. Some of the credits transferred into Montclair State may have been brought in as "Free Elective" credits.

If you are a Sociology majors: If you selected the Sociology major when you transferred to Montclair State, some "Free Elective" credits may have been indicated as "departmental approval" required. Your faculty advisor will guide you through the process of converting those credits to Montclair State University approved sociology elective credits. Furthermore, if you identify any credits from another institution that you think could qualify as sociology elective credits, discuss this issue with your advisor.

Important: Sociology required courses cannot be transferred into the Montclair State University Sociology program.

In case you want to change your faculty advisor:
If there are reasons that make it impossible for you to seek advice from your advisor, ask the department secretary for the name and office number of the advising coordinator in the department. The advising coordinator will help you to change your advisor. Students also go through an advisor change when their faculty advisor takes a leave of absence.