Meet the Editors

Billy Bates

Billy Bates is Prose Editor for the Normal Review. He is a dual English/Psychology major and a senior at MSU. He hopes to become an I/O Psychologist by day, and a failed author by night. His hobbies include reading books, playing videogames, screaming into the void, and not answering text messages. His collection of short stories "The Nameless Dark" received critical acclaim from its two Amazon reviewers.

Ashley Altieri

Ashley Altieri is a sophomore at Montclair State University and is currently Undeclared, but looking into teaching or business. She is the secretary for The Normal Review and is very excited to be a part of the lovely literary magazine. She is very friendly and outgoing, so if ever in need, don't worry about sending an email her way! She aspires to be an author and writes mostly fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction.  Her interests include photography, mythology, reading, blogging, and mastering the art of handling education, work, and a social life seamlessly.

Rihana Shah

Rihana Shah is a senior in animation and illustration who is low-key ready to take over the world.

Kristy Lim

Kristy Lim is a sophomore studying English and Secondary Education. She plans on becoming an English teacher and she dreams of becoming a successful young adult author. When she isn't traversing through the world of the written word, Kristy can be found either holding existential conversations with her cats or blinking hard because her contacts are too dry. She would like to end off by affirming the vague notion that it is always the quiet ones.

Kelly Benning

Kelly Benning is a senior majoring in English, minoring in creative writing, and pretend-minoring in Middle Earth studies. Her Big Dream is to write novels and scripts for TV and movies while her Slightly Smaller but Just as Important Dream is to work in a publishing house as an editor. If one would ever need to find her, one would have to find the biggest tree in the quad, spin around three times, softly chant her name, and there she will appear sitting under that tree with an unnecessarily large book. Or she might be petting a dog somewhere. Who knows.