Picture of lockers in the student center

Locker Rentals

At this time, there are no lockers available for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Locker Locations

  • Student Center, First Floor, Red Hawk Nest (Rear of SGA Offices)
    • 75 slate grey lockers
  • Student Center, First Floor, (Near the Computer Lab)
    • 30 blue lockers

Locker Policy

  • All lockers must be cleaned out entirely once key returned
  • All lockers are cleaned mid June to prepare for the fall semester
  • Renter will be responsible for any damage caused to the locker
  • $15 deposit is returned when:
    • Locker key is returned by designated return period
    • Locker is fully cleaned out
    • Assigned locker and all parts are not damaged and are in its original state
  • The renter is fully responsible for any loss of the contents placed in the locker number assigned below

The Center for Student Involvement Staff/Facility reserves the right to open the locker number assigned below with or without the consent of an emergency. Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the locker. Illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited inside the locker.