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Montclair State University CAPE—Not Just Another Educational Provider

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The concept of work can be viewed from three perspectives.  From an individual perspective, it creates meaning and helps form one’s sense of identity. From an economic perspective, engaging in work provides the sustenance to support one’s well-being, and that of their family, and supports the economy of the region in which they live. From a societal perspective, it provides a platform for one to undertake activities to engage as a contributing member of the community, recognizing an increased awareness that supporting a socially conscious, and sustainable future, is an important added dimension to community engagement.

Supporting success in the workforce

It is with these three perspectives in mind that Montclair State University has established its Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) unit.  Our mission is simple: to support success for those in the workforce; expand Montclair State’s role as an engaged community partner; and, share the University’s rich educational assets beyond the traditional academic population.

We have recognized that the underlying educational, economic, and demographic environment is undergoing radical changes at a pace that appears to exceed that of the past—certainly, in the recent past.  To address this new environment, we have designed programs that support the development of new skill sets required to meet the organizational and technological imperatives of today’s economy and provide those meta-skills that support  the development of “learning literacy”—or learning how to learn. Our approach is holistic.  It combines training in specific skills, with two additional components—personal, career-oriented support from a highly trained staff of career consultants and a focus on helping one develop an aptitude for continuous learning—what you may have heard called lifelong learning or “learning literacy.”

With this approach in mind, we ask that you consider Montclair State University CAPE as not “just another educational provider.”  As we grow, we will be adding resources—professional development, community engagement, and personal enrichment—that support our mission. We believe we have provided a sound basis as a start with the offerings we currently carry—short-duration blockchain programs that tap into an emerging blockchain-enabled economy, analytic linguist certificates that will support various government and homeland security agencies, other professionally oriented courses, and access to various community services resident at Montclair State University (centers for Clinical Services, Audiology/Speech Pathology, and Film Institute, to name a few).

We want to hear from you

I encourage you to review our website and see if we are delivering on our promise.  We want to engage in a dialogue with our community—you—so that we can best serve our shared community.

  • If we are not, please let us know.
  • If you have any ideas, please let us know.
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Peter McAliney, Ph.D, is Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Education at Montclair State University, the second largest public university in New Jersey.  At Montclair State, McAliney is working with the private sector, professional organizations, and his colleagues in the academy to equip an increasingly diverse workforce to acquire the skills and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning they will need to support their career success.