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Are You Job Ready? Build Resume Enhancing Skills with Montclair State CAPE

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In today’s hiring environment, employers are selectively hiring those with BOTH a very solid academic base AND ready-to-use technical skills.  While students may have picked up varying levels of technical skills in their academic journey, Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) offers a variety of “last mile” programs to sharpen students’ career ready skills as they head into the job market.

Based on feedback we have received from hiring managers, members of our advisory boards, and our colleagues in the New Jersey Department of Labor, CAPE has developed a suite of non-credit, short-duration courses, workshops, and certificate programs.

Some of the highlighted offerings include:

These programs are offered to the general public but we think that they would be valuable for students to consider as well, especially as they head into “interview season” this spring. As a member of our Montclair State family (student, parent/guardian, and alumni), please use code MONT15 for 15% off when registering for a CAPE non-credit course or workshop. Explore all courses.